Deadline of TikTok given by Donald Trump ends today

Washington: In an order last month, US President Donald Trump set a deadline of September 15 for Chinese video-sharing app TikTok. Trump had given a respite to the TikTok, saying either sell its business to the American Company or end all the work in the United States. In the beginning, Microsoft was in a discussion about the deal with the byte dance. The Chinese Internet technology company is the mother company of Byte Dance, TikTok.

Earlier, the US president had said that he was not going to give more time to TikTok. They will not give it any time beyond September 15. Answering a question, U.S. President Donald Trump had said that "We see what happens. Either they close their business here or sell it to an American company. If they do not do anything like that, the US will ban TikTok in the United States for security reasons".

India is the first country in the world to put the ban on Chinese video-sharing company TikTok. India also imposed restrictions on China's 100 other mobile applications. India did so citing security reasons. India's move was praised by the US. Officials had also appealed to the Trump administration to do the same with the Chinese application.

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