Dear Lottery Creates Record, Makes Over 3,000 Crorepatis in Five Years
Dear Lottery Creates Record, Makes Over 3,000 Crorepatis in Five Years

Dear Lottery has achieved a remarkable milestone by creating over 3,000 crorepatis (millionaires) in the past five years, transforming the lives of many. This feat demonstrates the transparency and reliability of the state governments' live draws, making the experience more trustworthy for the public. Future Gaming's Chairman and Managing Director, S Martin, attributed this success to their hard work and widespread reach, stating, "The number of people becoming millionaires by purchasing lottery tickets speaks volumes about our operations and accessibility."

The company emphasizes that the lottery business contributes significantly to the economy through the 28% GST levied on ticket sales. It is estimated that over 10 lakh people across the country are directly or indirectly dependent on the lottery industry for their livelihood. This industry focuses on providing employment opportunities to women, the differently-abled, and socio-economically backward classes, thereby empowering them.

With the right perspective and support, this industry has the potential to achieve the goals of women empowerment and uplifting the underprivileged. Martin Group is the largest distributor of government lottery schemes in India, serving users in Maharashtra, West Bengal, Punjab, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Goa with complete transparency. With over 30 years of experience in traditional paper lotteries, they work directly with various state governments.

The company is committed to expanding its work to bring positive change to the lives of the poor and needy. By providing a reliable and transparent platform, Dear Lottery has set a new benchmark in the industry, inspiring trust among its users."

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