A Big reveal about former US president came to the fore, offensive remarks on Indian women
A Big reveal about former US president came to the fore, offensive remarks on Indian women

Washington: You'll all know there's little time left for the presidential election in the US. In the meantime, the round of accusations and allegations has also started. Day by day, someone is being accused. The issue of blacks has already arisen before the election, which is currently capped throughout the United States. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is also engaged in referring to former President Richard Nixon's statements in his campaign. Donald Trump says Nixon had won by fighting such accusations. At present, people are constantly bringing Donald Trump to the fore over allegations of atrocities on blacks. Similar cases had also appeared during the tenure of former President Richard Nixon.

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Now, in the meantime, some tapes have surfaced where Nixon can be heard making obscene comments on Indians and Indian women. According to a report by the English website, the tape was quoted by Princeton Professor of International Relations and author Gary J. Bass as saying, "Nixon had made several comments for Indian women. These new tapes are of the period when India was very much inclined towards the Soviet Union, while Pakistan was in support of President Nixon."

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According to the report, "these tapes indicate that the conversation involved the then U.S. National Security Adviser (NSA) Henry Kissinger." All these things Nixon said to Kissinger. During a private break from a White House summit with Indira Gandhi on November 1971, Nixon told Kissinger, "To me, let's turn off." Nixon didn't stop here, but he asked Kissinger "how he would persuade the other person to do it." During the course of the conversation, he allegedly said, "Of course, the ugliest in the world are Indian women."

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