Deepika Padukone caught in controversy, know what is the matter

Bollywood's famous actress Deepika Padukone has once again been mired in controversies, and this is because of her new ad. This advertisement belongs to the international brand Levi's Jeans. This advertising concept has been blamed for stealing. Along with this, it has been claimed that the sets and background used in this advertisement of Deepika have also been copied. However, the production designer of this advertisement, Rupin Pointer, also confessed it. Deepika's advertisement has been blamed by Sooni Taraporevala, director of the film 'Yeh Ballet' and screenwriter of Hollywood Movies.


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She has also accused the advertisement of stealing the set and concept of 'Ye Ballet'. Rupin, the production's production designer, claimed that it was the advertising director of Leviès who asked to create the ad in this manner. Sooni has condemned the concept of stealing and copying. She told that she did not have such hope from a big company like Levis. Along with this, she also condemned the growing copying issue in the country.

They called it intellectual theft. She wrote in her social media post, "Two days ago someone told me about this advertisement of Lewis." Sooni further wrote, "I was shocked to see this ballet dance studio set in this ad as it was conceptualized and created by our production director Shailaja Sharma and was removed after completion of the shoot. This set of ours An attempt has been made to copy. Can the brand and the directors of this advertisement think of doing so without permission abroad? "

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