Deepika Padukone upset with her own dress at cannes festival
Deepika Padukone upset with her own dress at cannes festival

Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone has won everyone's heart with her stunning looks at the Cannes Film Festival. Fans just wait for the dreamy looks of the actress every day. Now after seeing Deepika's latest look, you will also be crazy, deepika spilled husn's flame on the red carpet in orange gown. But they say that you have to take risks with fashion. The same has happened with Deepika.

Deepika's dreamy look: Deepika Padukone was seen walking on the red carpet of Cannes on Tuesday wearing an orange gown. This gown of hers was very stylish. The actress is wearing this stunning gown of Ashi Studio with green earrings, orange lipstick, floles makeup, macy hairpan, orange printed heels. Deepika is seen posing with the jury members on the red carpet. They all arrived at the screening of the movie L'innocent. Due to deepika's train of this dramatic gown, she had to face a lot of difficulty in walking.

Deepka's walk was difficult because of the gown: her train was getting stuck in her legs again and again. She would then follow the train and then as soon as she walked a little further, she was seen struggling with her dress. Now that you are having so much difficulty in walking, think about how much difficulty Deepika must have had in climbing the stairs. While climbing the stairs, Deepika grabbed her train in her hand and then climbed the stairs. While the rest of the jury members were talking to each other, posing, Deepika Padukone was seen fixing her dress.


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