Husband stabs wife 25 times, people made videos instead of saving life

Apr 12 2021 12:30 PM
Husband stabs wife 25 times, people made videos instead of saving life

New Delhi: A sensational incident has emerged from the national capital, where a man killed his own wife. This incident happened in the middle of the day, but no person came forward to save the life of the woman. The accused was so angry that he continued to punch his wife even after death. However, the police, who reached the spot, have started investigating after registering a case. Simultaneously the accused husband has also been arrested.

According to the information, the accused Harish is a resident of Rohini district and used to work in a marriage bureau. She has married 8 months ago. Since his marriage, he used to doubt his wife. On Saturday, both of them went to the market for some work, but suddenly the husband did not know what happened and he took out the knife and started attacking his wife. The attack happened in the presence of hundreds of people in the middle market. A crowd of people gathered at the time of the incident, but no one tried to stop him. A lot of people kept standing and making videos.

According to Delhi Police, the woman has been identified as Neelu. Both were originally residents of Gujarat but resided in Budh Vihar Phase-1, Delhi. Ever since their marriage, Harish suspected that Neelu had an illicit relationship with someone, which led to a fight between the two at various times. Around one o'clock on Saturday afternoon, he suddenly stabbed Neelu 25 times with a knife. Due to which Neelu died. 

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