Registration of these 30 lakh petrol vehicles to be cancelled, view full report

New Delhi: The transport department is now going to tighten its grip on air pollution in Delhi. After 10 years old diesel vehicles, 15-year-old petrol vehicles are under strict preparation. Vehicles ended will be de-registered. Even then, if the vehicle owner does not adopt the option of retro fitment, the vehicle will be scraped in several phases. There are about 30 lakh 15-year-old petrol vehicles in Delhi. After registration of vehicles is cancelled, these vehicles will be seized and scraped on the road.

According to an earlier order of the NGT, diesel and 15-year-old petrol vehicles are not allowed to ply in Delhi for more than 10 years. The transport department last year started increasing the strictness of vehicle owners who ignored the rules. In the first phase of operation, the registration of more than 1 lakh diesel vehicles was cancelled. In order to protect these vehicles from becoming junk, the Delhi government gave the option to obtain NOC for retro fitment and registration of vehicles in other cities of the country. There are no restrictions in these cities, where old vehicles can be reregistered.

According to a report received, Transport Commissioner and Principal Secretary Ashish Kundra said that action is being taken on old diesel and petrol vehicles. In the first phase, it is the turn of petrol vehicles who have completed 15 years after diesel vehicles. There are about 30 lakh such vehicles in Delhi. Their registrations will be cancelled. The pace of action is currently slightly lower due to the restrictions of the third wave of the corona.

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