Delhi Airport Introduces India’s First Self-Service Bag Drop Mechanism, How it Works?
Delhi Airport Introduces India’s First Self-Service Bag Drop Mechanism, How it Works?

New Delhi: The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) has launched India’s first self-service mechanism for check-in luggage on June 17, aiming to streamline the passenger experience and reduce waiting times, as reported by READ.

The new system enables passengers to drop off their luggage, print boarding passes, and collect baggage tags in a streamlined process, significantly reducing check-in times. According to DIAL, the quick baggage drop solution reduces the check-in process to just 30 seconds from the previous one minute.

Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) becomes the first airport in India to offer such a facility, following Canada's Toronto Airport. Around 50 Self-Service Bag Drop (SSBD) units have been installed across Terminals 1 and 3 of Delhi’s IGI Airport, available for use by passengers of three airlines: Air India, IndiGo, and Air India Express.

Passengers using the new system can bypass traditional check-in desks and handle their check-in tasks at common use self-service (CUSS) kiosks. Once baggage is placed at the drop units, passengers scan their boarding passes or face biometric cameras and then drop their bags on the conveyor belt.

To further enhance efficiency, DIAL introduced a Quick Drop Solution that eliminates the need for boarding pass or biometric validation, as these details are already available on the baggage tag. This innovation reduces the processing time to just 30 seconds.

Videh Kumar, a spokesperson for DIAL, emphasized the benefits of the new system: "We have introduced the Self-Service Bag Drop Quick Drop Solution at Delhi Airport, setting a new standard for passenger convenience and efficiency in India. This initiative is aimed at leveraging advanced technology to enhance the travel experience."

Kumar added, "The Quick Drop Solution not only speeds up the baggage drop process but also ensures a smoother journey for our passengers."

How it Works:

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can collect and attach their luggage tags at CUSS kiosks. After placing their bags onto the SBD conveyor belt, the system automatically opens the respective airline's application on the SBD machine with a single click.

DIAL further explained that the SBD system internally checks all relevant criteria and business rules defined by the airlines when passengers agree to the dangerous goods self-declaration form with a single click.

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