Daughter becomes murderer of her own mother for a little money, murdered together with boyfriend

New Delhi: A sensational incident has come to light in the Ambedkar Nagar area of the national capital. On February 19, the police received a call that a woman had been murdered by miscreants. When the police reached the spot, they found the body of 55-year-old Sudha Rani lying on a blood-soaked bed on the first floor of the house. Sudha Rani's neck was cut off. According to the police, seeing the condition, it seemed that the woman could not resist.

According to the police, the daughter Devyani said in her statement to the police that around 9.30 pm, two people had entered the house. He had a weapon in his hand. Both faces were covered. The bombers looted the mother's jewellery and also took away the cash kept in the house. It was during the robbery that mother Sudha Rani was strangled to death. According to the police, there is a lot of contradiction in the statement of the daughter. When the police interrogated Devyani strictly at length. Which scared her and she confessed that she and Kartik Chauhan together murdered her mother and tried to give her the colour of the loot.

The accused Devyani was married to Chetan of Greater Noida and has a four-year-old son. Devyani said her mother had threatened her that she would evict her from the property if she did not go to live with her husband. My mother stopped giving him money. In a fit of rage, he killed his mother. According to the police, Devyani had given sleeping pills in tea to her mother and maternal uncle Sanjay before committing the murder. After they fainted, Devyani called Kartik. After which, Devyani, along with Kartik, cut the throat of the mother with a surgical blade and killed her. After this, Devyani gave Kartik jewellery and cash and drove her away from there. So that people feel that this murder took place with the intention of looting.

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