Amit Shah hit out at Kejriwal, says- "Are you in favor of action against Sharjeel Imam"

Jan 29 2020 05:11 PM
Amit Shah hit out at Kejriwal, says-

New Delhi: Sharjeel Imam who has been taken into his custody by Delhi Police. At the same time, the market for many types of discussions on social media is hot. There is also a question in them that whether Sharijil Imam has become a pawn of Delhi's electoral chess by leaving Shaheen Bagh. But Union Home Minister Amit Shah targeted Kejriwal in his election rally regarding Imam. He said Kejriwal ji are you in favor of taking action against the Sharjil Imam or not. At the same time, it is also being said that it should be made clear to the people of Delhi. Shah's statement was going to surround Kejriwal in the midst of Delhi elections, so Kejriwal also said without any delay, 'Sharjeel spoke of separating Assam from the country. This is very serious. You are the home minister of the country. This statement of AAP is bad politics. It is your duty to arrest him immediately. Why are you not arresting him? What is your helplessness or now you have to do more dirty politics? Two days later, the Delhi Police arrested the Imam.

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At the same time, it has been learned that the electoral riot of Delhi, which was initially moving forward on the issue of development, has now completely subsided on Shaheen Bagh and Sharjeel Imam. As part of its strategy, the BJP has brought out Shaheen Bagh and now Sharjil Imam in Delhi Dangal. The party's national president JP Nadda accused Kejriwal of supporting those who want to break India.

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Jahn Nadda said that the AAP government had asked the police not to allow the former JNU president Kanhaiya Kumar, Omar Khalid and others to run a case of treason. Kejriwal did not allow the police to pursue a case against the 'piecemeal' gang. Union Home Minister Amit Shah also targeted Kejriwal in his public meetings on this issue.

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