Travelling in Delhi Auto gets expensive, Know what's New Rates

Jun 18 2019 10:36 AM
Travelling in Delhi Auto gets expensive, Know what's New Rates

NEW DELHI: Auto-travellers in Delhi will have to pay higher fares than Tuesday, as Transport Department officials issued a notification on Monday to implement an increase of 18.75 per cent in fares. Auto fares have been hiked a few months before the assembly elections. This will have an impact on more than 90,000 autorickshaws drivers in the city.

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The State Transport Authority (STA) in its notification said that it is for the general public and auto rickshaw drivers to know that the fares of auto rickshaws are being revised with immediate effect in Delhi. According to a notification issued on Monday, passengers will now have to pay Rs 25 for the first one-and-a-half km, which were for the first two km starting so far. In addition, the rate per km has also been increased from eight rupees to nine-and-a-half rupees. This is an increase of about 18.75 per cent in fares.

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An official statement said that auto meters will be 're-calibrated' to charge new rates, which will take about one and a half months and by then autos will charge the fares at the new rates. The government has set a waiting fee of Rs 0.75 per minute. Even if the auto traffic signals are stuck, it will pay the fee to the consumer. The baggage fee will be seven and a half rupees.


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