Man enters home with intention of robbery, rape woman lawyer

May 23 2020 01:57 PM
Man enters home with intention of robbery, rape woman lawyer

The crime case that has come up recently is from Jangpura in Delhi. Where a rape case has come to light with a female lawyer. In this case, the accused first entered the woman's house for the purpose of stealing, but when he saw that the woman was alone in the house, he threatened to kill her, then raped her. In this case, the accused escaped after strangling the woman because he thought that the woman had died but it did not happen.

The matter is being reported last Friday and the man had threatened the woman that if she made a noise, he would kill her with a knife. The name of the accused is Sonu. In this case, the police has arrested the accused after achieving great success. The accused was seen in a CCTV, a little away from the spot, after which the police arrested the accused. According to reports, the accused Sonu told in interrogation that "he had entered with the intention of stealing the woman's house. When I saw the woman alone, he committed the rape incident."

The accused said that after the rape, he strangled the female lawyer. The woman fainted after pressing the throat. The accused understood that the woman was dead, after which the accused absconded with the woman's debit card, cash kept in the house and some important items.

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