Delhi man body found in a suitcase

Apr 19 2019 04:14 PM
Delhi man body found in a suitcase

New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a man’s body packed in an abandoned trolley bag found by a passerby near the tri-junction on the Delhi-Meerut road around 10 am on Thursday morning. Police officials were alerted and an investigation was launched into the matter. However, investigators have not been able to identify the victim as of yet owing to the fact that they could not find any piece of clothing or body marks which would allow them to identify the victim.

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According to the police, the body was discovered by people who were waiting for buses or autorickshaws along the Delhi-Meerut road. A foul odour emanating from the abandoned trolley bag prompted the people who discovered the body to inform the police. Once they arrived, police personnel checked the contents of the bag and discovered the decomposing body of a man who they believe could be 27-years-old. However, the same is yet to be confirmed.

As reported in the Hindustan times, Station house officer (SHO) of Sihani Gate police station, Sanjay Pandey said that the victim's hands and legs were tied up at the time his body was found stuffed in the trolley bag. It is suspected that the man was killed about two days before his body was discovered since the corpse had started showing of decomposition, added Pandey.

The officer went further to confirm that the body had bruises which indicate that the victim was murdered. A preliminary inquiry indicated that the man was murdered elsewhere and his body later dumped in Ghaziabad. The police have said that they will wait for another 72 hours before sending the body for last rites.

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