Delhi man solves his missing vehicle case, police seized the vehicle as 'evidence'

Apr 23 2019 11:01 AM
Delhi man solves his missing vehicle case, police seized the vehicle as 'evidence'

NEW DELHI: Unable to convince policemen that his car had been stolen from outside his house in outer Delhi’s Raja Park, the man allegedly solved the mystery of his missing vehicle without help from the police. The accused found his vehicle and even tracked the men who had allegedly stolen his car. However, his car was seized by police as evidence. 

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According to the reports, the car had allegedly gone missing from outside the house of the man. The man traced the accused using CCTV footage. The alleged thieves were found by the man in Jahangirpuri. Though the man found his car, the police seized it as evidence. The aggrieved man, Manoj Agarwal, said that around 9am on Monday he noticed that his car was missing from outside his house. The man alleged that after finding out that his car was missing, he called the police control room. The police allegedly asked the aggrieved to go to the Raja Park police station. When the aggrieved reached the police station, he was asked to submit a written complaint. 

After returning home, Agarwal checked the footage of CCTV cameras at his house and found two men parking a Santro car next to his. The aggrieved alleged that one of the accused came out of the car and checked if there were any police officials in the area. The man then parked his car in a way that he could overlook all the roads of the area. Agarwal soon noticed the registration number of the Santro in the CCTV footage. He claimed that he approached the area RTO to get the address at which the Santro was registered. 

The aggrieved then reached the address and found his car parked behind the car he saw in the CCTV footage. The aggrieved called the police and was asked to contact the investigating officer at Raja Park. By the time the investigating officer reached, the accused had fled. The cops seized both the cars and marked them as case property. “I pleaded with the cops to return my car, but was told that it would only be released after the court order,” Agarwal said.

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