Cruelty like 'Nirbhaya' with 12-year-old boy, innocent fighting for life in hospital

New Delhi: A 12-year-old boy has been a victim of sexual violence in the country's capital Delhi. The kind of brutality that the criminals did to Nirbhaya, in the same way, 4 offenders have sodomised a 12-year-old child. The child is battling for life at LNJP Hospital. The mother is hoping that her child will recover, open his eyes and start laughing again. However, hospital sources say that his condition remains critical, he has developed sepsis and has also suffered a cardiac arrest once. The big question is, will there be any voice to save this 'Male Nirbhaya'? Will he also be sent to Singapore for treatment? Will the mother's hope be fulfilled?

The incident took place in Seelampur, a Muslim-dominated area in east Delhi. The child's mother says that on September 18, the child told him that his leg was aching. When he underwent an X-ray, there was no fracture. He stayed like that for three or four days. After this, on September 22, he told that there is chest pain. To which I asked if anyone beat him. He kept denying. But, on repeatedly asking lovingly, he first asked would you beat or not? I assured him, so he said those boys would kill me. When I dared that nothing would happen, he told the whole thing. Then we took him to GTB Hospital, from where he was referred to LNJP Hospital. Since then, he has been undergoing treatment at the same hospital.

The mother has told that my child is very innocent and straightforward. The older boys used to beat him up before. But he didn't tell in the house out of fear. But this is the first time such an incident has happened. That day his friend had called him to play. He also named the three boys. The sorrow is that for four days my son endured the pain of the terrible brutality meted out to him, and could not muster the courage to tell even after the pain due to the fear of those boys. The boys not only sodomised the child but also beat him mercilessly and hit him on the chest with a brick. His whole body is full of wounds. We have got information from the doctors here about how the accused boys have injured the child.

Mother says I request all of you with folded hands to get my child cured. Now he can't even speak. Is not even able to move his fingers. I don't want to move away from him, say something somewhere, open his eyes once and look at me. If something happens, I will never be able to forgive myself. We are here alone, no one is with us. I just want my son, laughing and playing like before. We need justice. Those accused should not get bail and should be given the strictest punishment.

What is the whole matter:-

On September 18, four men gang-raped a 12-year-old child in Seelampur, a Muslim-dominated area of Delhi. The child was earlier sodomised by four men in the Seelampur area. After this, he was also brutally beaten with sticks. Later, the accused crossed the limits of cruelty and put a rod in the boy's private part, causing him serious injuries. It is being told that both the accused and the victim are from the Muslim community, their names have not been made public as the accused are minors, but they have been arrested. Seelampur is the same area where the Delhi riots took place in 2020.

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