Ask for this thing from eunuchs on Wednesday for good luck
Ask for this thing from eunuchs on Wednesday for good luck

There are many such secrets in the Transgender society which are buried and people do not know about them. In such a situation, all of us are aware that this society who gives blessings to all. Actually, there is such a belief that they both curse and curse. Whoever gets his blessings, he only succeeds in life. In such a situation, they go to others' home festival, wedding or any function and ask for righteousness. Yes, it is said that giving donations to them increases the wealth.

In such a situation, very few people know that apart from donating them, if you take this one thing from them, then all the problems related to your money can be eliminated and it can bring prosperity in your home. Yes, according to Hinduism, Kinnar Mercury calms the planet. If a person blesses the eunuch on Wednesday, then his luck opens. At the same time, it is believed that Buddha gets pleased by donating eunuchs.

On the other hand, if you ask for a coin of ₹ 1 from eunuchs on Wednesday and if you give it to them, then it means that your progress is sure that no one can stop you from becoming rich. Well this does not happen. Yes, if you ask for 1 coin back from them, they never give it because they know all things well.

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