Only these consumers will get relief in electricity bills
Only these consumers will get relief in electricity bills

Indore: Due to lockdown, everyone has also faced financial troubles. A news has come for consumers of electricity bills. All common domestic consumers will not get relief from the announcement of halving the electricity bills in the coming months. The power company has made it clear that the effect of relief will be limited to only those consumers who are found eligible for Sambal or Indira Grihajyoti Yojana.

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The Western Region Power Distribution Company has announced that as per the instructions of the state government, orders for relief have been issued in the bills for three months. Relief from the April bill is being implemented. According to Vikas Narwal, MD of the power company, the company has made changes in the billing software. From 13 June, new bills will start printing. Under this, such consumers, whose bill was either up to 100 rupees or in the range of 100 to 400 rupees in March, will be considered eligible.

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Under this, the bills of March-April and May will be issued to all these consumers. Under this, those who bill 100 rupees will now have to pay only 50 rupees. Consumers receiving bill of 100 to 400 rupees in March will have to pay 100 rupees even if a bill of more than 400 rupees comes in the next three months. In this way, the benefit of the scheme will be available only to such consumers, whose monthly consumption has been from 100 to 150 units. Significantly, during the lockdown, there were complaints of sudden increased electricity bills. In view of which this step has been taken

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