Bankguard takes photo of customers without mask then give entry in this city

Indore: Masks are being worn to protect against Corona, in such a situation, crooks can take advantage of this. They can also enter houses and banks by wrapping a pot. Keeping this in mind, the police have alerted banks, shopkeepers and residents. In this case, the police has asked the bank officials to take photographs of the customers. Customers have also been made mandatory to pass in front of CCTV cameras without masks and masks.

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According to Dwarkapuri police station TI DBS Nagar, due to Unlock 1.0, there has been a rush in the markets. Due to which there is a high probability of incident. Headquarters has expressed the possibility of the miscreants being released on parole and bail. On Tuesday, we visited all the bank branches in the area and conducted a security audit. During the tour, we saw that some customers are wearing swabs and some have put on masks. It is difficult to identify them. Wearing masks is mandatory due to Coronavirus, so it was explained by meeting with the bank officials and told that they should keep the data of each customer.

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The person coming to the bank should stand in front of the CCTV camera and take a photo without a mask. Security guards were also warned in this regard and were asked to take photographs of suspicious and unknown persons from mobiles except for familiar and regular customers. This data should be stored in a bank. On arrival of any type of doubt or criminal, call the police station and TI. According to TI, this will help the police a lot. It will also be easy to identify the accused from the photo when the incident occurs.

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