Desi Ghee is Beneficial for hair, will become strong and silky

Aug 13 2019 05:10 PM
Desi Ghee is Beneficial for hair, will become strong and silky

Hair loss has become a common problem in today's times. You may also use a number of products, but it sometimes gets a reaction. Often people treat pollution and stress caused by white hair and hair loss. But if you are worried about hair loss, we are going to give you some domestic ways to keep your hair silky and stronger.

You may never have heard of applying Desi Ghee on your hair. Massaging hair with desi ghee makes the hair healthy and strong..

Advantages of applying Desi Ghee to Hair

If your hair has become dandruff, then using ghee and almond oil in your hair roots will soon relieve you of dandruff. It also does not lead to roughness in the skin of the scalp.

Ghee massage will be very beneficial if your hair is suffering from nutritional deficiency.

If you want to have long hair, massage ghee in your hair and add amla or onion juice. Doing so 1 time in 15 days make the hair long and beautiful.

If you want to soften your hair and avoid entanglement, it is also a good way to use it with olive oil.

To give a natural glow to the hair, warm the ghee and add lemon juice after a massage for 20 minutes. Wash after 10 minutes.

Know these things before getting bleach, will not harm the skin

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