Simple method to make aloe vera soap at home
Simple method to make aloe vera soap at home

You may know many benefits of aloe vera, and it is used in health as well as beauty. They prefer to use aloe vera products available in the market. However, they also contain chemicals which can make it harmful. However, you are going to tell you about the natural soaps made from aloe vera that you can make at home. This soap will be safe for you.

Necessary materials

- Aloe vera pulp 110 grams
- Caustic soda 110 grams
- olive oil 750 ml
- Water 250 ml
- Lavender or rose oil

Aloe vera Soap Recipe

- Boil water. Pour hot water into a plastic container.

- Mix caustic soda in this plastic container.

- Mix the mixture well and leave it to cool for about an hour. Until the mixture cools down, cut the aloe vera with the help of a knife and remove the aloe vera pulp from inside.

- Mash the aloe vera pulp thoroughly.

- Heat olive oil in the microwave.

- When the mixture cools down, add olive oil slowly.

- Stir it in the same direction until the mixture cools down.

- Mix the aloe vera in the mixture and stir it well.

- When the mixture is set, mix the oil sands as required as you wish, such as roses, lavender, etc.

- Finally, when the mixture is uniform, pour it into a large mold.

- The next day when the mixture becomes solid, cut it into pieces with a knife.

- Aloe vera soap is now ready, but give it 15 or 30 days before use.

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