Despite the pandemic, 'Love Story' a huge success, like a dream: Shekhar Kammula
Despite the pandemic, 'Love Story' a huge success, like a dream: Shekhar Kammula

Sekhar Kammula's 'Love Story' is much more than the title of the film. Yes, there is a heartwarming romance, but the film also mirrors the child abuse and caste inequality seen in the society. Producer Pushkar Ram Mohan Rao feels that the relevant questions that the film raises resonate with the audience. “While the love story and music were loved, the Telangana dialect in which the main characters speak also made it more relatable. Not to mention the sensitivity with which Shekhar tackled social issues, his lead pair dealt with it. The film manages to deliver a good experience overall,” he says.

Sekhar Kammula says he is 'mostly relieved, but also happy' that "despite the pandemic's overwhelming success, it feels like a dream come true. I feel proud that my team and I have been able to tell a story that I believed in.

A lot of fights, arguments and fine-tuning with my team has brought us where we are today,” he says, adding, “Apart from the lead, it was also not easy to write a character like Rajeev Kanakala, who plays Sai Pallavi’s uncle. role play." Produced by Narayan Das's Narang, Sunil Narang and Pushkar Ram Mohan Rao under Sri Venkateswara Cinemas, Love Story has a lot to please the filmmakers. “Business was slightly disrupted due to heavy rains since Monday. But now we are back on track and the magic of Shekhar Kammula is something that really needs to be seen on-screen, as the script and the performance are really something else,” says producer Sunil Narang.


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