Now destitute cows-buffaloes will become a source of income, govt made this plan
Now destitute cows-buffaloes will become a source of income, govt made this plan

Gorakhpur: The Municipal Corporation of Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur is now going to earn financially through destitute cows and buffaloes. According to the municipal corporation office, about 200 liters of cow urine will be collected daily in Kanha Upvan. For this, there will also be an agreement with IDS Enterprises. This firm is already making vermicompost. This vermicompost is being sold under the name of Municipal Corporation Sanjeevani.  

The number of destitute animals in Kanha Upvan is around 1400. These animals have been kept in two large sheds. Vermicompost is being prepared from animal dung and it is being sold. Now the Municipal Corporation Gorakhpur is going to start the commercial use of cow urine. Spraying cow urine mixed with water in the fields will not cause insects on the crop and the crop will also be protected from fungus. Cow urine will be collected and purified. After heating it in the boiler, it will be cooled and filled in bottles. Due to the lack of disease in crops, its development will also be done properly. After its use, there is no need for potash and phosphorus in the field. Phenyl and floor-cleaning liquid will be made from cow urine.   

The number of destitute bovines and Nandi clans living in Kanha Upvan is very high. 28-30 lakh rupees are spent in their care. Nagar Nigar is already tying up with a person from Kushinagar and selling vermicompost made of cow dung in the name of Sanjeevani. Now there is a strategy to sell cow urine.

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