A man tried to rape his sister-in-law and sister

Aug 20 2019 06:54 AM
A man tried to rape his sister-in-law and sister

Recently, a case of crime has come to light from Roorkee. In this case, a woman has been tried to rape by her brother-in-law. Not only that, when the sister protested, she was also abused. According to the information received in the case, the police have detained the accused. According to reports, the wife of the detained accused described the whole case as fake and "a family and property dispute."

In fact, a colony resident of the Civil Lines Kotwali area committed obscene acts by watching his sister-in-law alone in her room on Sunday and the accused tried to rape her. On the other hand, the sister of the accused came to the place to shout at her and then the sister protested against the accuser's actions. Seeing the protest, the accused also abused her sister, who was stopped by her sister-in-law. After that, the two escaped and somehow reached the police station and filed a report. Both complained to the Civil Lines Police in the case and the police have detained the accused in the case.

After the incident, the accused's wife reached the Civil Lines Kotwali and termed the rape attempt as fake. "Her family is facing a property dispute and that is why her husband has been falsely accused," the woman said, adding that the investigation is now underway.

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