Fadnavis reply on 'Was it right to form a government with Pawar?'
Fadnavis reply on 'Was it right to form a government with Pawar?'

Mumbai: Recently, every color of politics is being seen in Maharashtra. Ajit Pawar, who came to form the government without a majority with BJP, again went to NCP. Although, he has already said that he is in NCP, but he also said that he has the support of NCP MLAs to form government in Maharashtra with BJP. Now it has come to the fore that Ajit Pawar has resigned as the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. The reason behind this was, all the MLAs whose support he said he had, all stood with Sharad Pawar. Due to a lack of majority, Devendra Fadnavis also resigned from the post of CM. Now the question is, did BJP not make a mistake by joining Ajit?

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Ajit Pawar posed the question: According to sources, this question becomes more important when Ajit Pawar has said in a statement that he was always with NCP. He said, 'I have already said that I was with NCP and I am with NCP. Have they expelled me? Have you heard or read it somewhere? I am still with NCP.' Now here Ajit clearly said that NCP has expelled me? So after that, the question was mainly asked why Ajit broke away from the party without Sharad Pawar's knowledge and formed a government with BJP. Sharad himself come up and said that this is a personal decision of Ajit, NCP does not support his decision.

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Now came the reply of Devendra Fadnavis: According to information, the second tenure of 80 hours of Devendra Fadnavis has ended. The question is, when there is no majority then how the government can be formed, but NCP's Ajit Pawar came together and counted the majority, then BJP formed government in Maharashtra. However, Ajit did not get the support of MLAs and the government fell. Ajit also reached NCP. Now Devendra answered this question whether it was a big mistake to join with Ajit Pawar. On this, he said, 'I will say the right thing at the right time, do not worry.'

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