DGCA Takes Steps for Gender Equality in Aviation Sector, Aims for 25% Women Workforce by 2025
DGCA Takes Steps for Gender Equality in Aviation Sector, Aims for 25% Women Workforce by 2025

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India's aviation safety regulator, has issued a circular titled "Gender Equality in Civil Aviation Sector" to promote greater gender diversity in the industry. The circular aims to increase the representation of women in various roles to 25% by the year 2025.

Details of the Circular

According to an official source, the circular advises stakeholders in the aviation sector to enhance the representation of women in the workforce. It encourages the implementation of leadership and mentorship programs for women, addressing stereotypes and gender bias, and promoting a better work-life balance for women employees.

The initiative is in alignment with the principles of gender equality as enshrined in the Indian Constitution and the vision of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to achieve gender parity in aviation.

Steps Recommended in the Circular

The circular outlines several measures that stakeholders can adopt to improve their policies and practices related to gender equality:

Zero Tolerance Policy: Adopting a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment in the workplace.

Diversity Objectives: Identifying diversity objectives and formulating HR policies to achieve them.

Diversification of Work Profiles: Encouraging diversity in the work profiles of women employees.

Highlighting Role Models: Showcasing women role models and achievers within the organization.

Promoting Inclusive Culture: Implementing other facilitative steps that contribute to a gender-inclusive work culture.

Significance of the Initiative

The move by DGCA is significant as it addresses the need for gender diversity in a traditionally male-dominated sector like aviation. By setting a target of 25% representation of women in the workforce by 2025, the initiative aims to create more opportunities for women and foster an inclusive environment within the industry.

Response and Future Prospects

Stakeholders in the aviation sector are expected to respond positively to the circular, with many already taking steps to implement the recommended measures. The initiative is likely to lead to a more balanced and diverse workforce, benefiting the sector as a whole.

The DGCA's circular on gender equality in the civil aviation sector marks a proactive step towards achieving greater gender parity and inclusivity. By encouraging stakeholders to adopt comprehensive policies and practices, the initiative aims to create a more equitable and supportive environment for women in aviation.

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