Diabetes patient should avoid these things, Know here

Aug 01 2020 06:32 PM
Diabetes patient should avoid these things, Know here

Diabetic patients have to take special care of food and drink. If diabetes is not taken care of, then the blood sugar level starts to rise. In diabetes, it is very important to keep the blood sugar level under control. In today's time, due to wrong eating habits and changing lifestyles, the number of patients of diabetes has started increasing significantly. Today, we will tell you which things should be avoided by diabetic patients. So let's know.

Jung Food
Diabetes patients should avoid the use of Jung Foods. Consuming more of Jung Foods has adverse effects on health. Using it can increase blood sugar levels.

Avoid too many protein-rich things
Eating a large amount of protein in diabetes can prove to be dangerous. Diabetic patients should include light and less oily diet in their diet. The number of carbohydrates and fat should not be too much in the diet of diabetes patients.

Avoid high glycemic things
The speed of the body to make glucose from food is called the glycemic index (GI). The higher the glycemic index, the sooner it turns into glucose which causes the blood sugar level to rise. Low glycemic items should be used to control blood sugar levels.

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