Did US gave financial aid to Pakistan to take revenge on India?

Islamabad: The US has clarified on its behalf about the financial assistance given to Pakistan for the maintenance of security equipment. Actually, India was said to be angry with the financial help given by the US to Pakistan, on which the US has now put its side. US Assistant Secretary of Defense Ely Ratner has said that we have not provided financial assistance to Pakistan for the maintenance of F-16s, due to India's relationship with Russia.

In a virtual discussion with some media persons and intellectuals on Thursday, Ely Ratner said that the US government has taken this decision in view of American interests in the defence partnership with Pakistan. This partnership between the two countries focuses on terrorism and nuclear security. Ely Ratner said that this is an issue on which we also involved our Indian counterparts and also informed them about the deal before the announcement. Ely Ratner further said that he had also given information in this regard during his visit to Delhi. Ratner said that they wanted to be as transparent as possible about this decision, which is why the information was already given in this regard.

On September 7, the Joe Biden administration approved $450 million in financial assistance to Pakistan for the maintenance of other security equipment (US-made), including F-16 fighter jets. The US had said that under this program, money has been given only for the maintenance of security equipment, it does not include any kind of new weapon.

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