Did you known the scientific reasons behind these superstitious beliefs ?
Did you known the scientific reasons behind these superstitious beliefs ?

style="text-align: justify;">India is said to be a nation full of superstitious beliefs. People follow them blindly. They won't stop at traffic signals but they are sure to stop if a cat crosses their way or if someone sneezes when they are about to go somewhere. But actually all these beliefs have a scientific reason behind which has been misunderstood by people. Some of them are listed below.

Considering Women impure during Periods:Indian women are not allowed to touch anything holy during their periods. They are asked to sit aside in different bed; no one is allowed to touch them. Yes this does happen in many religions. But the main reason behind this was in the olden days people did not had sanitary napkins and during those days women felt weak. So as to give them rest they were not allowed to do any kind of work.

Hanging Lemons and Chillies in shop:Often you must have seen chillies and lemons hanging outside shops or business places. It is said it prevents bad luck to enter the business or any cast from vicious eyes of mainly alaxmi who might ruin your business. Well the actual reason behind this was to control insects and pests. The smell kept the insects and pests away.

Cutting Nails and night: Forgot cutting nails in the morning when you try to cut them at night so that you don't get punished in school you are suddenly stopped by your parents saying night spirits will come and take your flesh. The real reason was before there used be no electricity so people might hurt themselves but it's badly mistaken is such a way.

Pregnant Woman not allowed to come out during Eclipse:It is believed that if a woman comes out during pregnancy the child may be born as a devil.However the scientific reason is that the UV rays might affect the child and cause him harm.

Moving scissors without any use:The Indian believes that moving scissors without any use causes fights in the family.The reason be was that it may cause harm to the people.


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