Know why this great footballer is considered as 'The Church of Maradona'
Know why this great footballer is considered as 'The Church of Maradona'

Religion is that which you believe in. It is believed that every religion has almighty power, which everyone praises. Iglesia Maradona - called 'Church of Maradona' in English. It is in a way a separate religion associated with all religions. This is the religion, whose overall strength is a football competitor, he is still alive. As the name implies, the Church of Maradona is related to the great Argentine football contender Diego Maradona. He was the god of this religion by Maradona's 3 greatest lovers, he says that Maradona is the greatest football competitor in the world and he is worshipped for this reason.

Sources say that the Church of Maradona was founded on October 30, 1998, on the 38th birthday of Maradona, in the Argentine city of Rosario (the same city as Lionel Messi was born), with three fans of Argentine footballers.

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Although he is a Catholic Christian by birth, he believes in the power of Maradona and with that, he follows the Church of Maradona. There are some beliefs of this religion, which is believed by people all over the world. It is believed that the Church of Maradona has 10 main beliefs. The first belief is that the ball is never dirty. The second belief states that love football more than anything. In the third belief, maintain the love for beautiful sports like Diego and football. The fourth belief is that every person who believes in this religion has a duty to protect the Argentine national team as it is.

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If sources are to be believed, this religion is associated with Maradona, so there is a belief that those who believe in it should preach about the charismatic game of Maradona worldwide. After this, it is also believed that wherever Maradona has played, those places are being treated as a temple. After this, those who follow this religion have been asked not to promote Maradona as a member of any one team. Those who believe in this religion believe that the way Jesus Christ was crucified. And was badly killed, in the same way, Maradona was dropped on the field on many occasions, killed, his legs were cut off but he still did not 'die' and he has become their god today.

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