Diet can result in best Fitness Result specially for Treating Cancer
Diet can result in best Fitness Result specially for Treating Cancer

New Delhi:- Researchers at the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston explored how diet and exercise impacted the mental and physical functioning of older cancer survivors and their caregivers. received a total of $7 million to study its impact.

Funding will go to the Patient Centered Outcomes Institute (PCORI), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that supports research designed to help patients, caregivers, and physicians make more informed health decisions) is provided by

Dr. Tracy Crane, RDN, Co-Director of Cancer Control, Director of Lifestyle Medicine, Prevention and Digital Health at Sylvester University, and Associate Professor of Medical Oncology at Dana-Farber University oncology Christina Dieri Conwright, Ph.D., Ph.D., an academic and demographics researcher and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, will be co-principal investigators on the study. 

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Their five-year study, scheduled to begin in spring 2024, will compare the effectiveness of supervised and unsupervised exercise and dietary interventions in couples with older cancer patients and their caregivers. The researchers plan to recruit a total of 763 patient-caregiver pairs from each organization's service area. Prospective patients must be 65 years or older and have completed treatment for lung, breast, colon, or prostate cancer within the past year. Nurses can be of any age as long as they provide informal care to their patients.

Participants were enrolled in supervised groups who attended exercise and nutrition sessions via videoconferencing to encourage aerobic and strength training and to follow Mediterranean dietary patterns, or in which participants tracked their exercise activity using wearable devices, randomly assigned to one of the unsupervised groups following the same dietary pattern. Both interventions will last 6 months and participants will be assessed at 6 and 12 month intervals to measure impact on mental and physical functioning, physical activity and nutrition. 

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Professor Crane, who studies the effects of diet, exercise and digital health tools on cancer survival in the Sylvester lab, added that caregivers play an important role for cancer survivors, and in some cases, patients can worsen their health during the course of cancer.

"Our study aims to determine the best way to deliver lifestyle interventions," she explained. “With advances in digital healthcare, especially wearable devices, it is important to understand how effective this low-cost method is compared to the gold standard of face-to-face programs.” By 2040, researchers expect there will be more than 26 million cancer survivors, nearly 75% of whom will be aged 65 or older. Older cancer patients often experience decreased mental and physical performance after diagnosis.

"These health problems are exacerbated by the natural aging process and the possible 'acceleration of aging' caused by cancer treatments," said Dana-Farber's Dieri Conwright. "However, these declines may be ameliorated by a physically active lifestyle and a balanced diet." 

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The Crane and Dieli-Conwright awards were approved subject to the completion of a business and program review by PCORI personnel and the issuance of a formal award agreement.

 "Sylvester is continually working to improve the health and well-being of cancer patients and their caregivers throughout South Florida and beyond," said Director Steven D. Niemer, M.D., Ph.D. “We congratulate her Dr. Crane for the funding she and her collaborators receive to expand her knowledge and her ability to develop best practices for the care of this vulnerable patient population.”

"This study was selected for our funding because it has the potential to address the need for real-world comparative clinical efficacy studies across the aging continuum that can inform evidence-based clinical practice for this important population," said PCORI Executive Director Nakela L. Kennedy. cooking. MD, MPH. “I look forward to tracking the progress of the research and working with Sylvester and Dana Farber to share the results.” 

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The Diet is very important and mostly who are always ill and are not that fit to do any kind of heavy work. This time we have got you some of the best diet tips for the cancer people specially those who can follow all things and also can get rid of the cancer.

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