Do you know what is the difference between 'Amantran' and 'Nimantran'?
Do you know what is the difference between 'Amantran' and 'Nimantran'?

Whenever we call someone at home, we invite him or her. Often these words are used for this. But if you think that both are the same word, then let us tell you that there are many differences between them, which you will not know about. There is a lot of difference between Amantran and Nimantran even if both are used in the same sense. So let us also know what is the difference between the two.

Amantran- Amantran also means calling someone. Whenever a social event is organized or a collective program is organized, all the people are invited there. In the invitation, there is a talk on the desire of the people whether their wish is coming or not. There is nothing special in it that you have to come, it depends on his wish. This is what you call Amantran.

Nimantran- Talking about Nimantran, Nimantran also means calling someone. Nimantran is to invite someone to your home. Just like the Amantran we send to a particular person, Nimantran is given to our dear ones at a special event. If someone is getting married in the house or doing Chuda Karma or some other person is organizing their home, then you send a Nimantran to everyone in it. Here you do not invite anyone to your home. Everyone has to come to it. The Nimantran means that you have to come, you cannot disagree. If you have been invited and you have not left, it will hurt them that you did not come. This is the difference between Amantran and Nimantran.

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