Fisherman was surprised to find a fish like dinosaur
Fisherman was surprised to find a fish like dinosaur

There are many animals in the world, which you would not even know about. Sometimes inadvertently we encounter some such animals, which are very strange. Seeing them makes you scared and also surprised how animals are. Something similar has happened in Norway where a 19-year-old young man has found a very strange looking fish on the beach, whose picture is going viral on social media. 

In fact, a young man named Oscar works as a guide in the Nordic Sea Angling Company and had landed in the sea in search of blue halibut fish. Meanwhile, his eyes fell on a strange fish on the shore, on seeing which he too could not understand what was the matter. When he took the fish out, he was surprised to see it. This fish has a very long tail and eyes are also very big and was very different from other fish.


According to reports, Oscar said that this fish looks like a dinosaur. He had never seen any such fish till today. This strange-looking fish is a ratfish, which is related to shark 300 million years ago. The name of this fish is Camares monstrosa Linnaeus, which is a Latin name. This fish lives in deep water. Its biggest feature is that due to its large eyes, it can easily see even in the darkness of the deep sea.

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