Digital creator Ritanshu Aneja to serve everyone with the best cuisines of the world
Digital creator Ritanshu Aneja to serve everyone with the best cuisines of the world

Good food is for every mood, and nothing is more joyful than fulfilling your craving. Ritanshu Aneja, a food lover and travel enthusiast has been passionate about tasting different delicacies from all over the world. He is a digital creator by passion and a restaurateur by profession. His inclination towards content creation grew exponentially on understanding the potential of social media. 

With perfect knowledge and hands-on experience in the hospitality industry, the digital creator aims to curate and create the best content about global cuisine. While he has his businesses set up in India, he is also a managing partner at Mantis Dubai. The influencer is not only aiming to make a successful mark as a restaurateur, but he even desires to inform the audience about the diversified cuisines that the world has to offer. 

For the same, Ritanshu Aneja is looking forward to collaborating with an array of food and travel bloggers from various countries. "The idea is to let people know about world culture through food. As of now, I want to build a strong identity in the digital space and simultaneously scale my level in the hospitality sector", says Aneja. 

In addition, Ritanshu further stated that he wants to build a common platform for food and travel creators where they can share their interesting stories. Elaborating on it, he said, "I am very much interested in starting a food hub that will inform about a plethora of cuisines and promote the culture of different countries. Along with it, we shall have influencers to share their experiences about the same." 

Well, that's a smart move by Aneja. Besides this, the digital creator is leaving no stone unturned to maximize his reach through different platforms like Facebook and YouTube. On the professional side, the young and dynamic influencer has a hectic time ahead. Apart from his shoots, Aneja has several international tours lined up in the coming months. 

On the concluding part, he said, "There's a lot to come. I am working on things step by step, and my prime focus is to serve the audience with different food and travel stories. Let's hope for the best as the best is yet to come."

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