Digvijay Singh's advice to Rahul Gandhi, says, 'Travel to India to connect with people'

Aug 02 2020 12:02 PM
Digvijay Singh's advice to Rahul Gandhi, says, 'Travel to India to connect with people'

New Delhi: Constant discussion is going on in the Congress about political leadership and there is a demand for re-assigning the party's command to Rahul Gandhi. Amidst all this, the party's Rajya Sabha MP and former CM Digvijay Singh has said that Rahul Gandhi is different and he wants to practice a different style of politics but, he should get this opportunity. He will have to increase his activism in Parliament and also have to travel across the country to increase dialogue with the people.

Digvijay Singh has tweeted that as suggested by NCP Chief Sharad Pawar, Rahul Gandhi should travel to India. Travel is important to connect with people. Rahul will have to remain in the reach of the people. Recently, the interim president of Congress, Sonia Gandhi, had a meeting with the Rajya Sabha MPs of the party through video conference. 34 MPs were present in this meeting along with former PM Dr. Manmohan Singh. On August 11, Congress President Sonia Gandhi's interim term is coming to an end, but the Congress is not in the mood to make a new president.

It is being told that as soon as the meeting started, Rajiv Satava, PL Punia, and Chhaya Verma once again reiterated that Rahul Gandhi should be entrusted with the reins of the Congress Party. But Sonia Gandhi did not react to the demand of these MPs. Earlier, this demand was also made when Sonia Gandhi took a meeting of all the Lok Sabha MPs of the Congress.


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