Disgusting! Man Arrested For drugging & Forcing a minor Into Prostitution

A man reportedly drugged a 14-year-old girl and pushed her into prostitution in a shocking incident. The accused was arrested in Assam's Goroimari region, which is part of the Kamrup district. Abu Shamawa, a resident of Goroimari, is the accused, and he is suspected of being a human trafficker.

The Jorshimuli police station initiated an operation to identify the accused after getting information about the drugging of a minor girl, and after pursuing various leads in the case, investigators apprehended him near Goroimari. During his interrogation, Abu revealed his involvement in the trafficking of women and the prostitution of young girls.

He went on to say that there are more persons in the region who are involved with similar rackets that force little girls into prostitution and drug them.

This is not the first time Abu has been detained in connection with women trafficking, as he has already been linked to other incidents of women trafficking and murder. In recent years, the state of Assam has experienced an increase in the number of women trafficking cases as persons from the state have been found to be involved in different activities such as the illegal prostitution of young girls from the region.

Assam police, on the other hand, have been working hard to arrest the culprits of women trafficking. Five people were detained in the Lakhimpur district of Assam in November of last year in connection with woman trafficking.

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