DissDash Providing Digital Platform To South Asians Artist And Influencers To Maximize Their Digital Global Outreach.

Life can present people with innumerable opportunities, but it depends on what a person chooses that goes ahead in defining them as professionals and individuals. In many other cases, people create new opportunities for themselves instead of waiting for the right ones, and hence, become successful in carving a unique niche for themselves in whatever they choose to do in life. To be a part of the latter category is a difficult choice, but some people have done that and have shown the world how success is to be achieved. Serving as one of the finest examples of such successful creative professionals and entrepreneurs is Sonia Nagpal, who co-owns DissDash, which is becoming the talk of the town in the digital space for giving voice to South Asians across the world as an online content site, providing editorial content offering thought-provoking ideas, newness, and inspirational stories.

Success stories that involve women professionals go ahead in instilling more hope, positivity and inspiration in many other women out there who wish to create milestones in their careers. Sonia Nagpal's success with DissDash and her professional expertise and experience of over two decades in the media, entertainment and PR niche has motivated many aspiring women entrepreneurs of the world.

With DissDash, she was very clear in her aim to provide a platform for South Asians and impact people largely across the world through their stories. Providing cutting-edge editorial content and giving a voice to South Asians has helped DissDash create its unique standing in the industry. Their passionate and professional team are driven to give rise to noteworthy subjects with a modern and outspoken viewpoint, ultimately connecting people culturally.

Sonia Nagpal initially managed concerts for leading artists like Sukhbir, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sonu Nigam, Stereo Nation and others and even radiated her brilliance as a freelance host for AVS TV while also owning her PR firm. From creating an online content site based in NY to provide a platform for all South Asians (Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis) equally, interviewing Bollywood celebs like Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Salman Khan, Huma Qureshi, Dev Patel and many others, to gaining clients like Sony Music India, LinkedIn and Toyota and even doing charity events with prominent personalities, Sonia Nagpal with her online content site DissDash has come a long way.

We can't wait to see what other feats she would attain in the coming years. Till then, visit the website https://www.dissdash.com/ to get your hands on topics of arts, lifestyle, entertainment, and so much more.

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