"Former K-pop Star Daud Kim Faces Opposition in Mosque Project

Former K-pop star Daud Kim, who converted to Islam in 2020, faces opposition and accusations of fraud in his plan to build a mosque in Incheon, South Korea. Kim, who has over 5.55 million YouTube subscribers, aimed to create more prayer spaces for Muslims in South Korea, asking his fans for monetary support. However, the project has encountered several challenges, including termination of a land contract, administrative hurdles, and resistance from locals.

Residents near the proposed mosque site expressed concerns about potential devaluation of property due to the mosque, prompting the landowner to request contract termination. Additionally, local officials denied a permit to build the religious meeting place due to road conditions leading to the site.

his personal life has seen controversy, as his wife Mia accused him of abuse and attempting to avoid divorce proceedings. Daud Kim's attempts to establish mosques in South Korea have sparked heated debate and criticism, highlighting the complexities surrounding religious projects in the country.

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