TikTok Star Kyle Marisa Roth Passes Away at 36; Family Shares Heartfelt Messages
TikTok Star Kyle Marisa Roth Passes Away at 36; Family Shares Heartfelt Messages

The beloved TikTok personality, Kyle Marisa Roth, tragically passed away at the age of 36, as confirmed by her family on Monday, April 15.

Announcing the heartbreaking news on LinkedIn, Kyle's mother, Jacquie Cohen Roth, wrote, "My daughter Kyle has passed away. She touched some of your lives personally and some of your lives via her immense life on another platform." She added, "Kyle loved and lived fiercely. Nothing makes sense now; we'll understand more in the next few days. Be kind to one another please."

In a poignant Instagram post, Kyle's sister, Lindsay Roth, disclosed that Kyle had passed away a week prior, leaving the family still grappling with the loss. Lindsay expressed, "As a family we are still processing and deciding how to properly celebrate and honor her life. We don’t know what happened yet." The cause of Kyle's death remains undisclosed.

Lindsay emphasized Kyle's impact on others, highlighting her humor, intelligence, beauty, advocacy for gossip, and athleticism. She offered, "If anyone wants to connect about Kyle, I'm here to talk and share memories." Lindsay also extended gratitude for prayers and blessings for Kyle's transition and pledged to keep everyone informed about memorial plans.

Among those mourning Kyle's passing is actress Julie Fox, who expressed her deep sorrow, saying, "I know I never met Kyle in real life, but I felt like I knew her. I'm so devastated and have been crying ever since the news leaked on TikTok."

With over 175,000 followers, Kyle Marisa Roth gained prominence on TikTok for her discussions on controversial Hollywood blind items. Known for her witty catchphrase, "You want more? I’ll you more," Kyle captivated audiences with her insights into celebrity gossip and entertainment news.

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