this english cricketer got hair cut on road in mumbai
this english cricketer got  hair cut on road in mumbai

Renowned cricketer Michael Vaughan, celebrated for his stellar career as a former England captain, has a unique ritual whenever he finds himself in Mumbai: he seeks out the humble hand of a roadside barber for a quick shave and trim. Despite his accommodations in posh hotels, Vaughan's preference for the streetside experience speaks volumes about his appreciation for local culture.

During his recent stint in Mumbai as a guest expert for the Indian Premier League, Vaughan opted for a shave near the Gateway of India, eschewing the comforts of his hotel salon. For Vaughan, this practice isn't merely a one-off adventure; it's a habit cultivated over multiple visits to the city. He sees it as an opportunity to immerse himself in the authentic Mumbai experience, mingling with locals and embracing their way of life


Despite concerns about safety and hygiene, Vaughan remains unfazed, emphasizing the warmth and curiosity he encounters from passersby. For him, the streetside barbers embody a unique aspect of Mumbai's charm, offering skilled service amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. Vaughan's loyalty extends to his preferred barber, Dindayal, whom he discovered during last year's IPL. Dindayal's absence during his recent visit led Vaughan to explore other options, but he eagerly awaits Dindayal's return, acknowledging their special bond despite the language barrier.

Through his social media platforms, Vaughan shares snippets of his Mumbai escapades, encouraging others to embrace similar experiences. He sees it as a way to showcase Mumbai's vibrancy and hybrid culture, urging visitors to indulge in the simplicity and authenticity of streetside barbers.

In a heartwarming gesture, Vaughan ensures that his chosen barbers are generously compensated for their services, reflecting his appreciation for their skill and dedication. His willingness to share this aspect of his Mumbai journey exemplifies his genuine connection to the city and its people. Beyond personal indulgence, Vaughan extends his invitation to others, recalling a time when he introduced a friend to the streetside barber experience. Their shared enjoyment not only enriched their visit but also left a lasting impression on Dindayal, affirming Vaughan's belief in the transformative power of simple yet meaningful encounters.

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