Here’s how Filmmaker Chinmoy Kashyap paid heartful tribute to late Assamese singer Arun Das
Here’s how Filmmaker Chinmoy Kashyap paid heartful tribute to late Assamese singer Arun Das

Prominent filmmaker Chinmoy Kashyap recently took to his social media platforms to pay homage to one of Assam's revered musical maestros & a legendary singer, Arun Das. Chinmoy posted a heart-touching rendition of the late singer's iconic song Tumi Janu, as an ode to his legacy that lives on in the spirits of his listeners and music aficionados alike.

Chinmoy Kashyap fondly remembers Arun Das's timeless melodies that he listened to growing up and their contribution to shaping his musical sensibilities. Arun Das's symphonies are compositional marvels that continue to enchant listeners across generations. 

Arun Das's timeless classic Tumi Janu is rich in emotional depth & nostalgic resonance, which made it the perfect song for the filmmaker to give a fitting tribute. Kashyap's rendition serves as a heartfelt acknowledgment of the late singer's enormous impact on the filmmaker's artistic journey.

Chinmoy Kashyap recognized Arun Das's extraordinary contributions to the state's music, hailing him as one of Assam's first true rock stars. The musical maestro is credited with introducing the electric guitar to Assam, adding a unique and modern dimension to the state's music scene. He is recognized not only as a pioneer but also as a facilitator who expanded avenues in the state for newer generations of musicians to foster.

Filmmaker Chinmoy Kashyap expressed his agony and disappointment that the late legend's tremendous achievements & groundbreaking contributions couldn't get him the recognition & the limelight he so deserved in his entire lifetime. Kashyap's tribute to Assam's musical maestro is an attempt to shed light on the musical brilliance that often went unnoticed.

Chinmoy Kashyap is a filmmaker and has worked as a director on more than 35 ads for top brands. Hailing from Assam, he is now foraying into Hindi cinema with a feature film.

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