Disturbing Discovery in Hapur: Lizard Found in Sweets Outlet's Samosa
Disturbing Discovery in Hapur: Lizard Found in Sweets Outlet's Samosa

Raipur: In a disturbing incident reported from Hapur district in Uttar Pradesh, a customer discovered a lizard in a samosa purchased from a well-known sweets outlet in the city. The man took a photograph of the contaminated samosa and, shocked by the incident, approached the police control room to file a complaint. The police are now conducting a comprehensive investigation based on the customer's complaint.

The incident occurred in the Pilkhua area, renowned for its handloom products. Ajay Kumar, a resident of Arya Nagar, had purchased samosas from 'Pooja Sweets,' a prominent shop on Chandi Road, while shopping for his visiting relatives during the festival. As Kumar began eating the samosas in front of his relatives, everyone was taken aback to find a lizard in one of them. News of the incident quickly spread throughout the neighborhood.

Upon receiving information about the lizard in the samosas, locals gathered in the area. The incident was reported to the police control room, prompting a swift response from the police, who arrived at the scene to launch a thorough investigation. Higher-ranking officers also intervened and ordered a probe into the matter.

Rakesh Tomar, the owner of the sweets shop, refuted the allegations of a lizard in the samosas, dismissing them as baseless. He explained that samosas are manually filled with potatoes, making the presence of a lizard impossible. Tomar expressed willingness to cooperate with a thorough investigation into the incident.

Meanwhile, officials from the UP Food Safety Department emphasized that if the reports of a lizard in the samosas are confirmed, strict action will be taken. The department assured the public of their health and stated that a team would visit the shop to conduct a detailed inspection of food items, sending samples for further analysis. Reports indicate that this is not the first instance of insects and other contaminants being found in food items purchased from sweet shops and restaurants in Hapur.

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