Know about auspicious occasions and time that occurs during Diwali days

Oct 19 2019 05:40 PM
Know about auspicious occasions and time that occurs during Diwali days

The festival of Diwali lasts for 5 days and everyone loves this festival very much. Dhanteras, Narak Chaturdashi, Diwali, Govardhan Puja and Bhai Dooj are celebrated in this festival and are considered to be the most special day of Diwali. In such a situation, from Dhanteras to Bhai Dooj, temples and houses are decorated with beautiful colourful lights and in such days the brightness of the markets also increases. So let us know when is the day and what is its auspicious time.

Dhanteras - Let us tell you that on the day of Dhanteras, mother Lakshmi and Kubera were worshipped for the increase of good luck and happiness. With this, if religious scriptures are believed, Dhanvantari was born on this day, so it is called Dhanteras. It is said that on the evening of Dhanteras, a lamp named Yama is lit for the family's good luck.

Dhanteras - Friday, October 25

19:10 to 20:15

Pradosh period-17: 42 to 20:15

Taurus period -18: 51 to 20:47

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Diwali - Let us tell you that on this day Lakshmi-Ganesh is worshipped in the house. With this, the worship of mother Lakshmi brings happiness and prosperity to the house and many auspicious times are observed on this day.

Diwali - Sunday, October 27

Auspicious time for Lakshmi Puja

18:44 to 20:15

Pradosh period - 17:40 to 20:14
Taurus Period - from 18:44 to 20:39

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Bhai Dooj - After Diwali, Bhai Dooj is celebrated and it is the last festival of Mahaparva. In such a day, on the day of Bhai Dooj, sisters offer tilak on their foreheads and offer prayers to them and wish the brother a long life and a good future.

Bhai Dooj- Tuesday, October 29

Time of Bhai Dooj Tilak - 13:11 to 15:25

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