Do not touch these parts of the body, again and again, there may be diseases!
Do not touch these parts of the body, again and again, there may be diseases!

It is better to not touch these parts of your body. That is, some parts of the body are fragile that are quick to get infections. Today we are going to tell you about some of the organs that are vital to your health. A small mistake made by people puts them in trouble. Therefore, experts believe that everyone should be very aware of health. Let's know about them.

* Face:
For everyone, their face is the most special part of the body. But only a few people know that it infects the face if you repeatedly touch the face. Sometimes small bacteria that are not visible in our hands are glued to our hands and when we put the hands-on our face, they hide on the face and forms a variety of skin diseases.

* Butt:
Some people tend to touch their butt with their hands over and over again. For your kind information, the area is very sensitive and the bacteria sticking in your hands cause infection.

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* Inside part of nails:
The inside part of the nails is also very delicate. Touching it increases the risk of developing fungus infection. This also causes many bacteria to fall on the nails.

* Eyes:
No one needs to tell you how important it is to the body and how sensitive it is. Most eye infections are caused by repeated hand touching. So if you ever have an itching problem in your eyes, place it with an eyedrop instead of scratching it.

* Inner part of the ear:
Sometimes when people have itching in their ears, they repeatedly put their fingers in their ears. This increases the risk of ear infections as well as ear canal damage.

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* Inside part of the nose:
Many people tend to put their fingers in them repeatedly to clear their noses, while this condition is quite dangerous for the nose. The best way to clean the nose is to clean it with a clean handkerchief. According to research, people who repeatedly put their hands in the nose quickly become prone to the disease.

* Mouth:
Most people tend to use their hands to clear their mouths, while they should not put their hands in their mouths even after they are cleaned. There are many invisible bacteria in the hands that can make you sick.

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