6 major problems of women become a threat to their lives

Aug 26 2019 05:28 PM
6 major problems of women become a threat to their lives

Women often take care of others but sometimes forget to take care of themselves. As a result, they face major problems. Sometimes it happens that they have a health problem but they ignore it. Today, we will tell you what is the major problem that women face that affect their health. You should also be on alert knowing these.

* Most women have frequent urination problems. They take it lightly. But doing so sometimes leads to a problem. Because doctors say that this is sometimes because women tend to lose their ability to control urine. So, if these problems persist, consult the doctor.

* Breast cancer is the most important in women. This is also the reason why most deaths occur. If alert, the disease may catch up early. Talk about breast cancer the next time you meet a gynecologist.

* The thing that women talk about the least is related to periods. Women often complain of pain during periods. She considers this to be a weakness. Sometimes too much blood is released, sometimes too little. But talk to your doctor on every problem of the period.

* Talk to the doctor on prescription drugs, other methods of contraception. They also cause many changes and problems in the body. Be aware of them.

* If periods are lying down, it's important to know how late is right. In addition to these questions, don't forget to ask your doctor how much is late and it needs to be disturbed.

* Common disease occurring in women is UTI. Talk to the doctor about it. You can avoid this disease from your daily diet.

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