Do not carry these items even by forgetting while traveling in the train, otherwise you will be jailed

New Delhi: Lakhs of passengers travel daily through Indian Railways for the past several decades. Travelers find the train journey very cheap and comfortable to go from one place to another. You can go from one place to another place without spending much money at low cost.

However, many times people try to take such things with them in trains, which is not allowed at all. Many times people are not aware of this, then many times people want to take these things secretly. Now the railway has reported that if you take some goods in the train, then you may have to face the jail air.

In the same train, if a passenger carries combustible materials like kerosene, petrol, firecrackers and gas cylinders etc., then it is a violation. For this he may even have to face jail time. Western Railway has tweeted and reported, "While traveling in the train, do not carry inflammable materials like kerosene, petrol, firecrackers and gas cylinders etc. If a person travels in the same railway with inflammable articles, then he can be punished with imprisonment of up to 3 years.

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