Don't eat almonds in case of these problems
Don't eat almonds in case of these problems

We all work hard to maintain our health best and every day we consume something that is good for all of us. In such a situation, almonds in nuts are considered to be highly nutritious food. In fact, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, fiber and anti-oxidants are found in it, which help in keeping the body healthy. With this, it is said that if 3-4 almonds are eaten in a day, it is beneficial for health. At the same time, if it is eaten excessively then it also causes health damage. Now today we will tell you which health condition should not be consumed in almonds. Let's know.

1. It is said that people who have high blood pressure should not eat almonds at all.

2. It is said that almonds should not be consumed in the case of kidney stones or gall bladder disease, because it is not beneficial.

3. Let us tell you that there is a lot of fiber in almonds which is good for digestion. At the same time, digestive problems begin to occur after taking an overdose of almonds.

4. Almonds are found in high amounts of vitamin E and overdose causes headache, fatigue.

5. If you are taking antibiotic medicine due to any health problem, do not eat almonds.

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