Do not eat these things even by mistake before sleeping at night, otherwise there will be gas problem

Many people have this habit of eating something before sleeping at night. Sometimes some people sleep after eating snacks and sometimes some people sleep after eating some fruit. Yes and without thinking, some people consume anything before sleeping. By the way, it is forbidden to eat fatty oily food, especially during the night time. Yes because it can spoil your digestion. Now today we are going to tell you what things should not be consumed before sleeping so that you can protect yourself from the coming diseases. You must be aware of these things.

Avoid consuming lemon, orange or citrus fruits before sleeping at night. Yes because it can give you indigestion, gas problem. Also you can get sick.

Do not consume dark chocolate before sleeping. Actually, this is because by consuming dark chocolate, your mind becomes active, which can cause trouble in sleeping.

Do not eat spicy food before sleeping at night. Eating too much spicy food can cause stomach problems. Along with this, eating more spicy food produces heat in the body.

Avoid using tomatoes in dinner. Yes, by eating tomatoes at night, you can have the problem of gas acidity. Because of this, do not sleep after eating tomatoes at night.

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