Never eat this vegetable in Sawan or else Lord Shiva will become angry

Jul 22 2019 11:01 AM
Never eat this vegetable in Sawan or else Lord Shiva will become angry

You all know that the Lord Shiva has deep connection with Sawan month.  So, after Lord Vishnu falls asleep, Lord Shiva sees the operation of creation in the month of Sawan and today we are going to tell you what not to do on the first Monday of this month.

Sawsan Monday's Rules -
– Those who do not fast on Mondays should avoid any immoral actions, do not bring bad thoughts to mind and follow brahmacharya.
– You should wake up early in the morning on Monday morning and meditate on God as well as not insult the big and helpless people.
It is said that at least the bell leaf and dhatura should be kept in the worship of Lord Shiva in Sawan and should not eat eggplant during this time. 
– It is said one should stay away from meat and wine.

This year Sawan has started from July 17 and the month of Sawan will end on August 15. So let's tell you when and when monday is Monday.
Sawsan's First Monday – July 22,
Sawsan's Second Monday - July 29
3rd Monday of Sawsan - 5th August
Sawsan's 4th i.e. Last Monday - 12th August

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