Do these things according to weekdays to get success

Jun 26 2020 07:40 PM
Do these things according to weekdays to get success

According to the scriptures, many things should be kept in mind while leaving home or going on a journey. Because doing so does not cause any problem in the journey. With this, all the work should be completed without any hindrance. There are many such small things which, if taken care of, increases the chances of getting success in the journey. Now today we are going to tell you what to do while leaving the house to make the journey successful. 

1. It is said that the glass should be seen before going anywhere on Monday, this creates the possibilities of getting auspicious results in the journey.

2. It is said that by eating jaggery on Tuesday, you can get success in work.

3. You should eat coriander before travelling or doing any work on Wednesday morning, it is considered auspicious.

4. If you are leaving your home on Thursday morning, then you should go and eat cumin before leaving.

5. It is said that eating curd on Friday and leaving home is considered auspicious.

6. If you get out of your house after consuming ginger on Saturday, then there is a possibility of success.

7. It is said that before going out of the house on Sunday or before going on a journey, you should go and eat Pan.

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