Do you enlighten Diyas at home? So keep in mind these important tips to bring wealth and prosperity

Diyas is considered very auspicious in Hinduism and during every pooja or havan, the lamp is burnt during each event. Many people burn the lamp every morning and evening in their home. Burning lamp in the house keeps positive energy in and the home environment always keeps good. According to astrology, after burning the lamp during worship, the puja is successful and the lamp continues to burn as long as possible is considered as auspicious.

While lighting the lamp in the house, keep in mind that the lamp's flame is always in the east and the north. If you burn a lamp in front of a basil plant or you keep it in some place, then it should not be of any other direction other than the east and north direction. It is said that by lighting the lamp in this direction, the sum of the money receipts becomes the same.

Lamp you enlighten should be made of clay is considered to be the best. However, when you burn a lamp made from clay, keep in mind that the lamp is not broken or dirty. Before using the lamp in the pooja, before clean it with water and then use it in the pooja.

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There are many people who use the same lamp repeatedly which is considered incorrect. A lamp should be used only once and after that the lamp should be placed in water or under a tree.


Burning the ghee lamp lasts the mind and brings peace to life. At the same time, burning the oil lamp prevents pain and problems from you. However, keep in mind that never mixing ghee and oil together, to burn the lamp.


Chant this mantra

When lighting a lamp, if you chant the mantra described below, you get many benefits. According to the texts, chanting this mantra leads to victory over the enemies, there is peace in the house, and wealth also increases. Along with you, your every wish is fulfilled. So whenever you burn the lamp during the temple or the Havan, then chant this mantra.

दीपज्योति: परब्रह्म: दीपज्योति: जनार्दन:।
दीपोहरतिमे पापं संध्यादीपं नामोस्तुते।।
शुभं करोतु कल्याणमारोग्यं सुखं सम्पदां।
शत्रुवृद्धि विनाशं च दीपज्योति: नमोस्तुति।।

If you want to make your business successful or you want to improve in your career, then you daily burn the ghee lamp in front of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. By doing this you will get success in every work of your life.

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